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World Mission Team - Russell Ministries


To Visit their official website, click here.
767,526 Salvations and counting!!!

Meet the Directors

The World Mission Team directors:  Mike and Jan Russell

Mike and Jan both are excellent at sharing the Gospel with people of all cultures and ages.  They love leading teams of people on mission trips all around the world in places like Kenya, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nigeria, Cameroon, Nepal, Nicaragua, & the Philippines.

Mike teaches pastor conferences on mission trips to help equip, strengthen and encourage the local pastors. He also sings and plays guitar and tells the Gospel story through songs like "Lord I lift your name on High", and helps people express their gratitude and love by playing praise and worship songs.

The World Mission Team - Russell Ministries

Mike and Jan Russell lead
our World Mission Team.  
Consider joining or supporting
the MISSION TEAMS now forming.

Email Mike and Jan Russell:   mjruss@juno.com   

Twitter account:   @thewmteam   (www.twitter.com/thewmteam)

If you would like to help, please consider being a part of those who Go, Pray, or Give.

To go:  The World Mission Team, PO BOX 1343, Ada OK 74821

To pray: Pray for the safety and success of our teams, for favor in the areas where they have opportunities (planned and unplanned) to share the Gospel,

To give: Donations marked for The World Mission team go to pay for the expenses of the trip (travel, gospel tracts, small Bibles or Gospels of John), the gifts that we bring the children (pens, soccer balls), sometimes food if we provide that, or helping to sponsor people who feel led to go, but don't have all the money they need for the trip. YOUR gift will go where you designate it. You can send a check, money order or use a bank card (credit card, debit card) to give a 1-time gift, or select it to be charged on an ongoing monthly basis (which you can stop at any time). Click below for our safe and secure donation website. Or call us and we will take your information over the phone.

select "WORLD MISSION TEAM" on the form

Music CD by The Russells

Mike Russell, his daughter Kassie and Son-In-Law Daniel (The Russells) have recorded a CD of Gospel music called "LISTEN,  LORD" available here on our website at the online store. 

 Click here for details.

Great Songs including:

  • "The Secret Place"
  • "Listen Lord"
  • "3 Wooden Crosses"
  • "I Am Not Ashamed"
  • "The Promise"
  • "Oh What a Friend"
  • and more...


Mike Russell plays guitar and sings and
is available to sing or preach at your special event, revival, church service, Gospel singing, evangelism event, etc.
Call 1.800.557.8815 for booking or email them at mjruss@juno.com

Ben and Peggy Bell in Malawi, Africa

Ben and Peggy Bell are leaders in our World Mission Team, "Operation Global Impact",  under the direction of Mike and Jan Russell.  

Peggy Bell and her sisters make dresses from pillowcases for the orphans in Malawi, Africa.  Perhaps you and your church or family can make some "pillowcase dresses".  Look online for simple patterns, and have a dress making party.

They are simple, but will make a HUGE difference in the lives of one of these beautiful little girls!

A pillow case dress will make her feel like she is important. 

What is even more... a girl must have "a dress" to be allowed in school! 

These dresses are the ticket to each girl's education. Without them, they cannot be educated.


If your group will make pillow case dresses, please let us  know about the effort, and we will arrange it so that these girls get the dresses.

 Update JANUARY 2015 from Ben Bell:

I received this email today from Abusa Saulosi Suluma regarding the farm
production progress.  It is a very positive report  and I am pleased that
God continues to bless Ngodzi Ministries with great success.

We all will continue to pray for Abusa Suluma, his family, church and
ministry of feeding orphans and widows.

It is good to know that the master water well driller, Abusa Joseph, will
come to Ngodzi in February to help resolve the water well problems for
Ngodzi Ministries.  Thank you, Abusa Gary.

Terry, he is still feeding G.A.I.N. rice meals to supplement the native foods
between harvests.

We will continue praying for just the right amount of rain so that the maize
seeds do not wash away.  It appears that the irrigation water storage pond
is almost full and that the dam repairs are holding.  Thank you, Mary Lou.

The Gospel Station can share this report for the World Mission Team.  Thank
you, Randall.

In closing, Abusa Suluma is still winning souls for the Kingdom of Christ and
is discipiling them too.  I am very grateful for his efforts and I will
continue praying for great success at Ngodzi Village, Salima Province,
Malawi, Africa.

God Bless all of you for your prayers and support,

Ben Bell


MOMs  Malawi Orphan Ministries

Malawi Orphan Ministries
also known as MOMs or AMAYI (Chichewa for moms or mothers).  In Malawi
we are a registerd Non-Government-Organization (NGO) under the name
Orphan Ministries, Ltd.


MOMs mission
is to take the remedy of Jesus Christ to the at-risk orphans of Malawi,
Africa. This is accomplished through our BIG FIVE - providing clean drinking water, nutritional food, shelter, medical care, and education to the orphans living in the rural village areas of Malawi

For more information, Click here or call 580-421-3391


Click here to Listen
to The Gospel Station


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