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Plakman Testimonials & Ingredients

*GREAT Testimonials*

Plak Man is a LONG TERM product --- which means that serious results happen over the long term! We've new had people on Plak Man for several years, and AMAZING RESULTS ARE COMING IN:


“I am a regular customer. When I walk I can now feel my pulse on both sides of my neck. In the past, I couldn’t feel it on the left side. Plak Man has played a significant role in this.”

E. Reimer - Canada

“I had high, high blood pressure. I began to take Plak Man(TM) and took it for about 60 days. My blood pressure dropped to 128/72, and has continued to stay at that level. I will always take Plak Man(TM). It is a lifesaver.”

Loyd McClure - Cyril, OK


“I started taking PLAK MAN months ago and am seeing some very good results. Ten years ago I was a candidate for quadruple bypass surgery. I did not go through with it, but instead tried numerous natural remedies over the years. None, however, were totally effective in eliminating my angina problem. In 1997 an angiogram revealed blockages of between 50% - 90%. For years I have tried to reduce these blockages by natural means e.g. intravenous chelation, but have not had the results I had hoped for; not until I tried PLAKMAN. I will continue to take this product and tell others about it. I have just ordered a year’s supply. Thanks for making such a product available.”  Blessings,

Israelson Armstrong, - B.C., Canada


From Henrietta, Oklahoma: “I had 85% blockage in BOTH my carotid arteries....now they are down to 60%, and dropping... No Surgery Needed!!!”

Mary: “My cholesterol is down below 200 for the first time in

Lee: “I’m back working at 100% and feel great!”

Lindle: “PLAK MAN has really worked for me, and I love it!”

Ruby: “I don’t need surgery now...my carotid artery blockage has been reduced.”

Eldon: “My cholesterol is down 46 points in 90 days...”


Ron White, Oklahoma: "In Oct 2004, my carotid artery
was 80% blocked. I was often dizzy because of a lack of blood flow to the brain. My cholesterol was very high. I had been on Lipitor and Zocor, which had damaged my liver... Dr. Randolph of the Oklahoma Heart Hospital said that I would require surgery soon. I was the first person to start on PLAK MAN and now my cholesterol is down, and my blockage has been reduced by 20%+ (documented by examination results) -- I am NOT going to require surgery, and my liver is not hurting anymore!!!"

Sharon Riddle, OK -- "PLAK MAN(TM) is wonderful for energy. I seem to not be so short of air, and I don't eat as much at each meal. I drink PLAKMAN every morning."

Terry Riddle, OK -- "I have more energy than I have had in 15 years, and am riding 8-10 horses a day again!"


Henrietta Dinzler -- "PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW! Around last April, I had a 80-90% blockage in my carotids and the vascular surgeon wanted to do surgery . I agreed to the surgery, then when I got home I had an uncomfortable feeling about it and decided to do what I should have done in the first place, and that was PRAY ABOUT IT! The Lord clearly showed me that he didn't want me to have the surgery at that time and he lead me to The Gospel Station which was just beginning to advertise Plak Man(TM).

I felt the Lord directing me to take the PLAK MAN  and not have the surgery. Around September, my family doctor told me I had PAD and that I should have an MRA. Since I am extremely claustrophobic, I opted to wait until I saw the vascular surgeon today (1.23.06) rather than have the MRA. And I have to be honest, my faith in PLAK MAN  waivered a bit, but I continued to take it. Well I shouldn't have been concerned...The Lord worked it all out. My arteries on both sides are only 60% blocked and I don't appear to have PAD, or if I do it is so minor no one is worrying about it! My husband also had a carotid ultra-sound today and he has total blockage in his left artery, with the right artery supplying all the blood to his brain. But, I'm not worried, he is going to start taking the PLAK MAN again (he took it for about a month before his first heart attack and hasn't taken it since) and I know that by the time we go back for a recheck next year, his blockage is going to be considerably reduced and I know mine will be reduced even more than it is now.

While my husband was having his ultra-sound the tech that did
mine last year questioned me about whether or not I had a procedure to remove the blockage last year. I told him no, that I had started taking PLAK MAN. He questioned me more and told me someone else had mentioned PLAK MAN to him. He
also noted that we would put the doctor out of business. I gently reminded him that they were in the business of making people healthy and PLAK MAN did that. I am just so thrilled with my results, but have to confess to feeling a little guilty about my husband's clogged artery. I feel like I should be more
concerned, but knowing what PLAK MAN did for me, I can't seem to muster the concern! I should have. It's all in the Lord's hands, HIS WILL BE DONE! One of my co-workers has been taking Plakman, but didn't want to go on auto-ship until she found out my results and I think after hearing my results she will go on automatic delivery and my boss may even decide to start taking the plakman. And you can be sure I will tell anyone else that will listen about what a wonderful product PLAK MAN is."




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