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Infinite Grace Ministries is an inter-denominational Biblical Guidance and teaching ministry, based in Western Oklahoma led by Dr. Dixie Yoder.

Its mission and purpose is to teach individuals how the presence and power of God makes a practical difference in every area of their lives, including worship, building and maintaining relationships, and in work or leisure time.  Click MORE to read about Dr. Dixie and what she's doing that's helping so many.

Read about their exciting NEW LOCATION


Infinite Grace Ministries functions to bring about positive change for individuals, couples and families. Some of the ways in which they achieve this are by:

  • Ministering effectively to the spiritual, emotional and relational needs of individuals.
  • Ministering to people in such a way that they are able to reach out to others and share the knowledge they have received.
  • Encouraging those who have received ministry to share with others the new life view they have attained through the ministry of Infinite Grace.
  • Teaching classes in local churches and organizations.
  • Offering personal Biblical guidance in small groups.
  • One-on-one personal Biblical guidance for specific issues.
  • Weekend seminars and marriage retreats.
  • Workbook publications for at-home study.

Statistics show that each person who receives ministry significantly touches the lives of at least seven other people, which extends this ministry far beyond our office walls.


The founder and Executive Director of Infinite Grace Ministries is Dr. Dixie Yoder, who is an ordained minister and Bible scholar. Dr. Dixie is a familiar voice on local radio stations through her daily devotional and live interviews. Her weekly newspaper columns offer practical wisdom to newspaper readers throughout Oklahoma.

Dr. Dixie's teaching emphasizes how receiving salvation through Jesus Christ, and knowing God the Father intimately, makes it possible to enjoy a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Hear her report on The Gospel Station several times a week!


Dr. Dixie at the Seminole Gospel Sing August 2014 with Gospel Station President Randall Christy.  Dr. Dixie is often at Gospel concerts by Spreading The Word Ministry held in Clinton OK. 

Official website:


Phone 580.772.4854



    4200 Perimeter Drive Suite 245
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112


Infinite Grace Ministries is an inter-denominational Biblical Guidance and teaching ministry. We offer balanced instruction in the practical application of Biblical Truth and wisdom to everyday life. Teaching is accomplished through:

  • One-on-one personal guidance sessions
  • Small groups
  • Church and conference settings

We are a 501c(3) corporation, recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization. We are funded through regular donations from churches, businesses and individuals that recognize the need for this ministry. Donations are tax deductible.



     “Dear Dr. Dixie – I’m not even sure where to start thanking you – but I guess a good place would be, ‘thank you for saving my life.’ I remember so well the day I called you, so depressed I didn’t care whether I lived or died. In fact, I had already decided I was going to make sure I didn’t have to struggle through another month. I had a plan for how to end it all. And then you talked to me.

    I am still amazed at how different life looks through the ‘eyes’ of God’s love, compared to the view I had through the lies I had learned to believe about God and about myself.

    I absolutely know that my two kids would not have a mom on earth if not for Infinite Grace Ministries. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have truly made an eternal difference.”



new location:
118 West Main Street
Towne Centre
Weatherford, OK

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